Brava PR is your advocate with the media and your marketing statigist. Brava prides itself on the strong connections it has created in the Chicagoland and National media.
Brava personalizes each campaign, no matter the size, and tailors it to fit your needs. The following are services Brava customizes to meet your needs:
  • Create Long-term PR and Marketing campaigns
  • Create Short-term PR and Marketing campaigns
  • Write press releases and media alerts
  • Write ad, poster and postcard copy
  • Write postcard and poster copy
  • Create engaging taglines
  • Create and implement cross promotions
  • Create engaging social media content
  • Work with designers to create a unified look for the campaign
  • Work with photographers at events or for pre-production photo shoots
  • Create comprehensive press kit materials
  • Attend media events
  • Create final reports and presenting press clippings

In addition, Brava creates targeted hit list to best spread the word in the Chicagoland media as well as national. Brava also explores all possible angles to maximize your coverage.